Methodology of educational supervisors using cloud computing applications to guide the training of mathematics teachers in the adoption of the authentic assessment process and electronic achievement files

  • Fahad moossa anas albahri science education


Abstract: our research article aims at a methodology for educational supervisors who use Cloud Computing applications to train mathematics teachers in the authentic assessment process and management of electronic achievement files. By integrating these technological tools, supervisors offer teachers interactive and personalized training, thus facilitating their understanding and implementation of authentic assessment methods. Cloud computing applications enable supervisors to share educational resources, case studies, and real-world examples of authentic assessment with teachers, fostering a deeper understanding of assessment concepts and best practices. Additionally, these tools make it easy to create, track, and manage electronic student success files, providing teachers with an effective way to document and track student progress over time. Instructional supervisors can provide guidelines and examples for collecting and analyzing data, as well as strategies for using this information to tailor instruction and meet individual student needs. By combining cloud computing applications with authentic assessment methods, instructional supervisors provide mathematics teachers with the tools needed to meaningfully assess student skills, promote critical thinking, and foster a dynamic, focused learning environment.