Analysis of Radiative heat absorption viscoelastic exothermic chemical reactive fluid with temperature dependent viscosity under bimolecular kinetic

  • S.O. Salawu
  • O. Adebimpe
  • A.M. Olarewanju


The analysis examine laminar, boundary layer flow of variable viscosity, incompressible exothermic chemical reactive viscoelastic flow with thermal radiation and asymmetric convective cooling under bimolecular kinetic. The non-Newtonian fluid flow along a channel in the presence of a thermal buoyancy force. The Rosseland approximation is defined for the thick radiation heat flux in the energy equation with gray radiating liquid, non-scattering but with absorbing-emitting depending on wavelength. The convective exchange heat with the surrounding temperature at the channel surface satisfied Newtons law of cooling. The computational assessment of the analytical results for the dimensionless nonlinear governing equations are obtained using weighted residual method (WRM). The solutions are employed to obtain the velocity, temperature, skin friction and Nusselt number for the flow which are graphical presented and discussed to show the effect of some pertinent fluid parameters of the viscoelastic liquid flow. It is observed that the reaction strength needs to be cautiously study and controlled to avoid blow up.