The Thermal Conductivities of Unidirectional Fibrous Composites As Obtained From a Periodic Mode of Fiber Stacking and the Concept of Interphase

  • J. Venetis
  • E. Sideridis


In this paper, a theoretical multilayer model is performed to simulate the periodic structure of unidirectional fibrous composites reinforced with continuous fibers. This model takes into consideration the influence of fiber arrangement and vicinity along with the concept of interphase on the thermal and mechanical properties of the overall material. Next, by the use of this model the authors derived closed form expressions to estimate the coefficients of thermal conductivity of the composite in the longitudinal and transverse direction of fibers. To test the accuracy of the introduced formulae, the theoretical predictions were compared with experimental results found in the literature, arising from experiments on reinforced polyester resin, together with theoretical values yielded by several reliable formulae obtained from other scientists and a reasonable accordance was observed.