Crises of young people in conflict-affected societies

  • Dr. Waleed Abd Jabr Al-Khafaji


Crises, suffered by young people nowadays, have become a global phenomenon as long as the social aspects overlap and exchange the impact and influence in a sufficient manner, as well as the seriousness of this stage in the life of man For the researcher's awareness of the importance of the young generations and their roles in various aspects of life, the present study has focused on identifying the most important crises that young people suffer to determine their nature, causes, and treatment methods in order to develop their personalities properly. It has also focused on whether the external and internal challenges at various levels, suffered by the Arab world in general and Iraq in particular, have contributed to the exacerbation of crises of young people and the formation of their culture in the era of globalization. The present study aims to identify the challenges of the transformation phase in changing the culture of young people in communities affected by the conflict. The sample focuses on university students in particular because they have a degree of education and awareness. This category is also one of the most categories of society using, being affected, and influenced by the means and tools of globalization, and focuses exclusively on them. Therefore, the present study is based on a number of scientific methods that can take into account aspects of the studied phenomenon. In the theoretical part, the present study has been based on a simple random sample of 300 students from the Departments of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts at three universities. The present study has employed seven general hypotheses that linked the variables and objectives of the study and verified their credibility according to the Kay square test, through which the results and proposals for treatment of the phenomenon under discussion have been determined.