Kinetic study and dissolution calcium oxalate stones in Nigella Sativa extract

  • Leila Bendahmane
  • Zohra Kaid-Omar


Background: The objective of this work is to study the kinetic of release of calcium by calcium oxalate (CaOx) calculus and to evaluate their dissolution in the Nigella sativa (NS) Linnaeus aqueous extract. Materials and methods: The extract of plant has been prepared by infusion of two grams of powdered Nigella sativa during 30 minutes in 100 ml of boiled distilled water. The calcium oxalate monohydrate stone or whewellite (COM) and the calcium oxalate dihydrate or weddellite (COD), have been put to contact with the NS extract and a control solution for twelve weeks under magnetic agitation. The quantity of calcium released, the stone mass loss and the pH of solutions have been evaluated every seven days. Each experiment has been repeated 3 times. Results: The results did not show a significant difference between the extract and the control solution of mass loss of calculi over the experimental period. The pH obtained with the control solution and with NS extract, is very similar, suggesting that the effects of the plant extract on the stones mass loss are not related to the pH but to the chemical composition of the plant extract. However, the release of calcium by the calculi is much more significant in the extract than the distilled water. The rate of release in the distilled water is a zero order while in the extract is a first order. Conclusion: This plant could have an interest, which remains to be tested for the prevention of recurrences, additional tests are needed.