Study of the Heat Ventilation in a Box Prototype With the k-ω Turbulence Model

  • Badis Bakri
  • Slah Driss
  • Ahmed Ketata
  • Zied Driss
  • Hani Benguesmia
  • Fareh Hamrit


The use of efficient systems in order to reduce the energy consumption presents in nowadays a great challenge. Indeed, the use of the renewable energy in the heat ventilation of building application becomes very crucial. In this work, we are interested on the study of the turbulent flow in a box prototype. In this prototype, a solar system is integrated to supply the hole inlet with a hot air. The numerical model is based on the resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations in conjunction with the standard k-ω turbulence model. These equations were solved by a finite volume discretization method using the commercial CFD code ANSYS Fluent 17.0. To accurate the numerical results, the meshing effect on the numerical results was studied to choose the optimal mesh with a minimum calculated time. The numerical results were compared using anterior results developed in our laboratory. The good agreements confirm the validity of the numerical method.