Strategic Awareness and its Impact on Strategic Risks: Open Book Management Practices (OBMp) as moderating

  • Ahmad Ali Salih
  • Muna Mahmoud Al-Khatib (MBA)


The study aimed to recognize the impact of strategic awareness on the strategic risks in the presence of open book management practices as a moderator variables. The study field of was fuel distributor companies in Jordan. The survey consisted of two out of three companies with a total number of 222 employees. All of the samples were used in a comprehensive survey method from the top administrative level, middle level and supervisory levels – executive’s managers, department managers and station managers. The questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data. The main findings of the study revealed that there is a statistically significant negative impact of the strategic awareness on the strategic risks in the fuel distributor companies. The study also revealed that open book management practices moderate the negative impact of strategic risk in fuel distributor companies for competitor strength risks, and customer priority shift risks. As a conclusion the strategic awareness become a necessity in the current time for the organization to use because of the quick change in the environment and technology shift in external environment. Also, strategic risks become one of the major risks hit the companies, and managers consider it the kind of the risk which should be taken under consideration when they set their strategic goals.