The Kashmiris Struggle in Indian Held Kashmir: Impact on South Asia (1989-2008)

  • Irfan Ullah


Introduction: This paper explores the Kashmiris struggle in Indian held Kashmir and its impact on South Asia (1989-2008). Kashmir has been described as a long standing and the core dispute between India and Pakistan. The Kashmiris struggle against the Indian occupation has been historical as well as a popular movement for the freedom of Kashmir. For India and Pakistan, it may be a conflict, but for people of Indian Occupied Kashmir, this is struggle for their right of self-determination. The struggle of the Kashmiris has been in a way helping both Pakistan and India to expedite their urgent search for durable peace and favorable solution of this dispute. Aims of the study: The study is an attempt to provide an in-depth insight into the freedom struggle of the Kashmiris in Indian held Kashmir and its impact on South Asia for the researchers, academicians, students and policy makers of Pakistan as well as the foreign countries dealing with Pakistan. Material and methods: The secondary data has been used for this study, i.e. books, journals, magazines and research articles. Result: The finding discovers the facts that the United Nations Security Council has proved to be an ineffective organization regarding the settlement of the Kashmir conflict. India is not ready to budge from its stated position on Kashmir while Pakistan has always stressed for the right of self-determination of the Kashmiris. Pakistan has always favored the practical solution of this dispute as after the nuclearization of the South Asian region the resolution of Kashmir dispute has become more important. Conclusion: Both India and Pakistan need to keep the Composite Dialogue Process going on to expedite diplomatic efforts for the political solution of the dispute. Pakistan should stick to the resolutions passed on Kashmir by the United Nations, and develop greater interaction with the Kashmiris across the line of Control so that the people of both Kashmir could interact with each other. The permanent solution of the Kashmir dispute will further ensure friendly, peaceful, prosperous and harmonious relations between India and Pakistan.