Portraying Reality: Perceptions and Realities of Youth in Korean Theatre for Adolescents

  • Chune Young Chung
  • Joohee Park


Background: This study aims to analyze the three plays produced during the inaugural season (2011) of the Theatre for Young Audiences Research Center of the National Theater Company of Korea and place it within the context of contemporary ideas and realities surrounding Korean youth. Methods: In the first part of this paper we explore how Korean youth are perceived by society and the reality in which they live. In the second part we analyze the aforementioned plays, especially through the directions of the production and portrayal of adult and young characters. The last part offers concluding thoughts and gives suggestions for future productions. Results: Through this study we ask the question of whether if it is possible for theatre to actually portray the realities of adolescents, when in fact the identities of youth are still fluid and the experiences of youth as diverse as those of adults. Conclusion: We suggest that theatre artists break free to depict reality or educate audiences and focus on providing a critical experience to adolescents.