Calculation of point spread function for synthetic ellipse aperture

  • Adnan Falh Hassan


Background: Point spread function (PSF) is akey point for the field of imaging. This include the concept of image quality which would be reflected in to many applications such that in medical imaging and astrophysics applications. In this work, PSF was derived for an array of elliptically synthetic aperture. Materials and methods: A Gaussian filter with different width value (0.5, 0.8, and 1) was used to investigate the possibility of improving the PSF under two conditions: for differenced limit system and focus error system. MathCAD program was used later to calculate the value of PSF for above condition. Results: The results demonstrate that increasing the number of elliptically synthetic apertures would improve the value of PSF together with reducing the secondary peak (Apodization). Accordingly, the contribution of Gaussian filter was limited. Conclusions: According to the results, an enhancement was observed in the elliptically synthetic apertures based optical system.