Effect of gamma ray on the Silicon Solar Cell Parameters

  • Faiz Salih Abbas
  • Falah Hassoon Oraibi
  • Ali Abid Abojassim


Background: In this work, solar cell sample was exposed to a 137Cs gamma ray source. The voltage - current characteristics of a mono-crystalline silicon solar cell were investigated before and after the irradiation with gamma source. Materials and methods: commercially silicon solar cells, solar module analyzer 6A V110906, reflective lamp, gamma ray source. We obtain voltage - current (I-V) characteristics and output parameters of solar cell before and after irradiation were measured. solar cell were illuminated by reflective lamp. The measurements were performed at room temperature with highly accurate measuring equipment. Results: The resulted data demonstrated basic solar cell parameters which include , , & has clearly changed when the gamma ray exposure increased from 0 - 4 days. Magnitudes of the parameters ( , ,&) inversely proportional with -ray exposure. This would indicate that high gamma ray exposure would induce certain defects. A decline in the silicon solar cell parameters after gamma irradiation was seen; this is strongly supported by marked decrease in the minority carriers lifetime as exposure time to radiation  increases. Conclusion: Obtained results could lead to new designs of silicon solar to increasing their applications in radiation environments.