Demand Side Management System for Home appliances using photovoltaic panels and energy storage

  • Nadia Boumkheld
  • Mounir Ghogho
  • Mohammed El Koutbi


Demand side management (DSM) are programs and initiatives that encourage the customers to reduce their peak demand of electricity, which reduces the overall load on the electricity system and by doing so mitigates the electrical system emergencies, increases the system reliability and reduces customers’ electricity costs. In this regard we developed a DSM system for a house equipped with PV panels and battery storage, which scheduled the houses’ appliances using an optimization method in order to reduce the electricity bill. Appliances have specific deadlines specified by the user and they must be respected when scheduling the operation of each one of the appliances. This DSM system has many benefits: (i) the user can obtain free energy coming from PV; (ii) he/she can also make profit by selling back to the grid the excess of energy produced by the PV, which is neither consumed by the user nor stored in the batteries. Results proved the efficiency of our scheduling system, which shifted the power used by home appliances to off-peak hours and as a result  reduced the peak to average demand of electricity and reduced the cost of electricity provided by the utility as well.