Development of a Real Time Information System for Prompt Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria

  • G.O. Ogunleye
  • S.G. Fashoto
  • A. Fagbuagun
  • Mashwama Petros
  • Sithole Sifiso


Aim: The aim of this study is to assist medical practitioners in Nigeria in reducing rate at which data are lost, mismanaged and/or interchanged in hospital record systems in Nigeria by providing a system that helps the doctor performs both accurate record keeping and prompt healthcare delivery conveniently and efficiently. Materials and Methods: The proposed system is designed to function as a real time information system for prompt health care delivery. It is designed for use only by the health care to replace the traditional method of record keeping in Nigeria. An algorithm and flowchart were developed for the proposed system. Results: This results in this study focuses on the Doctor’s Appointment Reminder system as a Real Time Information System. Its aim is to remind doctors of their appointments with patients. It works by allowing the Doctor keeps track of patients, inputting details about the patient, including time and date of appointments. The system sends an alert to the doctor through an already provided email address containing all the details provided by the Doctor during the patients’ registration. Conclusion: The Doctors’ Appointment Reminder System is a web-based system developed using Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) embedded in (Hypertext Markup Language) HTML, and MySQL for the database.