Some entanglement aspects of two-two level atoms interacting with three modes of electromagnetic fields in finite trio coherent state

  • S.I. Ali
  • T. Emam
  • T. Salah


AIM: The aim of  this contribution, was to investigate the interaction of two two-level atoms with three-modes of radiation field in finite trio coherent state. The field-field and the atom-field interaction are taken into account. Methods: In this paper, We obtained an exact solution of the wave function in the Schrodinger picture by using some canonical transformation. Which used to study some entanglement phonomena. Results: Some statistical aspects to describe the system Hamiltonian are calculated. The temporal evolution of the atomic inversion, the entropy squeezing, variance squeezing and scaled atomic Wehrl entropy phenomena are discussed. Discussion: This paper concludes that the entanglement degree measure (EDM) between subsystem are investigated for cosiderable system. The results shown that all these phenomena are controlled of entanglement degree by trio finite state parameters and photon number operators.