Professional Competencies of Jordanian Science Teachers in the Light of Some Variables

  • Dr. Fawaz Hassan Ibrahim SHehada


The motivation behind this paper to decide how much science teachers have proficient skills in Jordan in the light of a few factors. The scientist utilized the descriptive method in the survey method to suit the idea of the issue; the study population is composed of all science teachers in Jordan. A random sample of the first group of the investigation was picked (133) of the science teachers in Irbid Governorate. The investigation device was developed with a survey containing (40) passages consisted of four zones; The field of intellectual skills and the field of execution capabilities and the field of passionate abilities and the field of gainful capabilities, They were connected to the examination test. The aftereffects of the investigation demonstrated that the level of ownership of science instructors for proficient abilities was medium. Learning competency came in the lead position. Execution competency came in second place, and passionate competency came in third place. At long last, creation ability positioned fourth. The study recommends that Intensifying training courses for science teachers to develop them to possess the necessary professional competencies and reviewing teacher training programs to suit international variables and local circumistances