The Role of Psychological Contract Fulfillment on Workers’ Reactions: Moderating Role of Organizational Trust

  • Qasim Ali Nisar
  • Sumaira Rehman
  • Faizan Baig
  • Shahzad Ali
  • Dr. Shahid Nadeem
  • Muhammad Azeem


Lady health workers (LHWs) are one of the important stakeholders of Pakistan's strategy to meet its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support its underdeveloped primary healthcare system.LHWs in Pakistan are facing challengeable situation and diverse issues regarding safety, promotion, no proper imbursement of expenses and exploitation. Due to these issues, LHWs had negative reactions towards their work. Workers’ inappropriate reactions is one of major issues due to lack of psychological contract fulfillment. Psychological contract fulfillment (PCF) play crucial role to shape employee reactions (ERs) Therefore, this study investigated the effects of psychological contract fulfillment on workers’ reactions (organizational citizenship behavior&job satisfaction) under the moderation of organizational trust. Study is descriptive, quantitative and cross sectional in nature. Data were collected by applying simple random sampling technique from 340 employees of banking sector. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structure equation modeling (SEM) techniques have been used for statistical analysis. Findings of this study revealed that psychological contract fulfillment had positive and significant relationships with organizational citizenship behaviors. Moreover, results divulged that psychological contract fulfillment is also significantly and positively related to employees’ job satisfaction. Furthermore,organizational trust is also significantly moderates on the relationship of Psychological contract fulfillment (PCF) and workers’ reactions (organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction).