Curricula Governance from Stakeholders’ Point of View in Jordanian Governorates

  • Yacoub Naseradeen
  • Amani Mahmoud


This study aimed at discovering the percentage of the inclusion of governance in the curricula, from stakeholders’ point of view in Jordanian Governorates, represented by the units of analysis: Criteria of curricula governance, length of curriculum, narration and indoctrination, not keeping pace with the curriculum for technological development, communication skills, thinkingskills,and the practical side of the curriculum. The analytical descriptive methodology, by applying content analysis was used to collect data. The sample consisted of (301) stakeholders in Irbid, Amman, Madaba and Al-Karak governorates. They were chosen by using a purposive sample method. The findings showed that the inclusion of the criterion of thinking skills in the curriculum was more than expected. While the other criteria were less than expected, and were distributed in a way that would disturb their balance.