Characterization of Snps in Regulation Factors In Wild Chinese Vitis Species

  • Yanli Han
  • Cen Chen
  • Jing Li
  • Yin Xu
  • Zheng Cao
  • Jun Jia


Background: our research on the genome of grape varieties aimed to improve the usages of grape by potentially increasing number grape species. Therefore, we investigated genes and proteins involved in the differentiation of wild Vitis species in China. Method: we selected and treated grapes before RNA extraction and PCR and compared our sequencing result with gene library in Gene Bank. Result: we found 7 genes with up-regulated expression and 28 miRNAs that were down-regulatied. In Chinese grape there were 6 up-regulated and 5 down-regulated miRNAs. 1174 target genes and 2216 target genes were found by the 7 up-regulated and 28 down-regulated miRNAs using miRanda, separately. We also performed a functional analysis of the target genes by up regulation of the RNA in Chinese grape. Conclusion: we found unique grape mybA gene or mutations which have potential as a molecular marker to distinguish between wild species. Phylogenetic tree analysis divided Chinese grape species into five Vitis betulifolia species, inferring that the evolution state of Codiaeum grape evolution is more primitive.