Prevalence and risk factors of low back pain among nurses in Jordan

  • Salameh Al Dajah Physiotherapy Department. Isra University. Amman- Jordan.
  • Mohammad O. Abu-Hasheesh Basic Nursing Department. Faculty of Nursing. Isra University. Amman. Jordan
  • Muhammed Al-Jarrah Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). Jordan
  • Sunitha Bhagavathi Mysore Physiotherapy Department. Fatima College of health Sciences. Abu Dhabi. UAE
Keywords: Prevalence, nurses, low back pain, risk factors, Jordan.


Background: Nurses are the most important healthcare professionals performing wide range of physical tasks that puts them at risk of developing various musculoskeletal conditions. Low back pain is one the most common musculoskeletal problem experienced among nurses.   Aim: The aim of this study was to explore the prevalence of low back pain among nurses in Jordan and to determine the associated risk factors and consequences. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted involving 526 nurses working in various government and non-government healthcare settings in Jordan. A modified version of The Nordic Musculoskeletal Disorder Questionnaire was used to obtain the information about demographic data, work related activities and details on low back pain.  Results: A total of 374 (71.1%) of the nurses experienced low back pain of which 58.6% classified their pain as acute, and 68% of the nurses evaluated their pain as "moderate and severe". It was determined that 56.6% of nurses working in in-patient departments had higher average of pain scores. The results also revealed that the factors significantly associated with low back pain among nurses included: Age, experience, working setting, duration of low back pain, nature of job, and number of working hours.Conclusion: The high prevalence of low back pain requires the need for nurses and managers to enhance risk awareness, improve physical and psychosocial working conditions, and promote a safer work environment.


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